HKN just cannot stop her hateful delusional rants.

E News never said that.

And in fact this is a quote from the article:

"Robert Pattinson and his new girlfriend FKA Twigs are spending a lot of time together these days!”

You old hags need to get a life and stop lying to your followers.

I told you the bitch be crazy.  How delusional can one person be?  Fuck delusional, she is downright demented.  Reminds me of that old, old song, “They’re coming to take me away. ..”  Someone needs to take her away to a nice padded room.

LOOOOOL I love this! You smell that? It’s their desperation and their bitterness.

So according to these bitter assholes, PRsten are very private but Rob, a married man, hang out with another girl to protect his relationship with the homewrecker.

An according to them…

A married man hold hands with his friend.Yeah…

A married man go to the grocery with his friend instead with his wife. Yeah…

A married man caresses her friend’s face while they are alone in their car. Yeah…

I love how delusional and bitter they are :D

PRsten Pattinson Life doesn’t want drama or rude comments. Drama? Rude comments? Why? Rob, their idol, is dating with a girl who is not the homewrecker. Drama why? Because there are stupid PRsten fans who are cutting their veins and some Rob fans who can’t stand see him with any woman. This is pathetic.

More pics of them together behaving like a couple than in 4 years of PRsten show. Rob is not cheating, he is living his life, retarded shippers. Your comments are really funny as your meltdowns. You all still need professional help.

Rob has a girlfriend and IS NOT HIDING THEIR RELATIONSHIP. Where are your speeches about privacy and blah blah blah? LMAO!


lol …just lol

Uglier every day. Out of closet yet or not?


Rob and Tahlia at Venice today,well this is my last post thank you all for everything from the first owner to the last person who helped me.

Rob well ….

Doing everything that never did with the homewrecker in millions years of relationship.

Holding hands with a woman while he is married with the homewrecker and has a child. Rob, you’re so mean! LOL Shippers, here is what we were saying all the time:PRsten was a show that ended with Twilight. There never were together and they’re not married. They’re not even friends.

Rob is living his life and hold hands because this “privacy” you all claim never existed.

Now, shut up and carry on. Time to move on because Rob and the homewrecker are nothing. Your excuses are really funny.



Why shippers are still with this? it’s obvious that the guy is Rob. He’s single and is spending his time with his friends. That’s should be a big problem to the shippers that are stalking all his movements, movements without the homewrecker since 14 months ago.

00mars00 asked:
I'm guessing you have a blog for a celebrity and their mistakes. Can you tell me where I can find one with your mistakes? I'd like to judge you for them! :) Xoxo a KRISBIAN ♥



mistake to most people is leaving the house without your cell phone, or forgetting to send that email before leaving work. But a choice however is a little bit different. A choice would be befriending a co-workers wife and kids, and then as their backs are turned getting to know daddy a whole lot better. That would definitely be a choice.

See the difference?

Regardless, the amount of deception Stewart pulled shows a twisted morality and a very selfish propensity that does not begin or end with one mistake/choice. Her cheating and betrayal was corrupt on so many levels it told the story of her own soul –  not a pretty one. She lacks common sense and true compassion, these are things you cannot learn. Selfishness, seduction, manipulation, deception, jealousy, anger, apathy toward others…these are all indications of dark energy, and Kristen has displayed them all, in spades.

Know if you could kindly fuck off, that would be fantastic.

"I’m only a 17-year old trying to change the world." an immature brat

hahahahaha the krisbian talks as if slutwart and herself were perfect.

everyone make mistakes but slutwart is proud of them. is proud for fuck a married man, smoke pot, be a whore, be a brat, have no talent and be a famewhore. your mistake is be proud of a whore and being stupid sending stupid messages for being a fan of a whore


LOL Emma is the best.

You’d rather fuck with their married dads.

that’s a wrap.